Wednesday, December 22, 2010 standards based math education!

An excerpt from the Washington Post:

Montgomery schools to cut back on early acceleration in math courses

Last month, Maryland's largest school system announced that it would curtail significantly its practice of pushing large numbers of elementary and middle school students to skip grade levels in math. The shift responded. to parents, who questioned the payoff of acceleration, and teachers, who said students in even t

Math education experts say schools too often zoom through as many topics as possible, instead of lingering in depth on the basics. Advocates of the new standards adopted by the District, Maryland and most other states - but not Virginia - say they will streamline math topics and make education more consistent.

So what are the "new standards" of Math Education?  Check out the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

The mission of NCTM is to be a public voice of mathematics education supporting teachers to ensure equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students through vision, leadership, professional development and research.
image from NCTM.ORG