Monday, November 1, 2010

Math is like baseball, but there is no need to fear the beard!!

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Tonight the Rangers play the Giants at 7:30 PM EST--Who will you be cheering for?

I am reminded of the the very first post we did here at Go Figure last year:

Math Is Like Baseball!

If you want to hit a home run in education you have to round first base(student), second base(parent) and , third base (teacher). If you do not touch every base, you are the same as a stranded runner - you don't score.
Some math ideas to think about as you watch the game tonight:

A Problem:

Johnny plays shortstop for the Giants in the 11-12 year old division. Midway through the 20 game season, he is batting .333 in 30 at-bats. Johnny thinks he can make the All-Star team if he ends the season hitting .400 or better. How many hits does Johnny need in the remaining 10 games to make All-Stars assuming he gets 3 at-bats per game? What will his average be over the last 10 games of the season?

A few cool sites:
Baseball Statistics - Here's a lesson for middle schoolers from the NCTM Illuminations site that will familiarize students with both baseball and statistics. Teachers may want to add their own creative touches to this one

San Franciso Baseball & Math - Grades 4-8 - This site asks users to solve math problems by scouring the San Francisco Giants' web site for prices, statistics, and other information. A good baseball web quest and math lesson.

Baseball Word Scramble - A simple word scramble that you can print

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