Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In Thanksgiving for TEACHERS!!! You are so good to us, let us return the favor!

Did you know a teacher spends, on average, $1000 of his or her own money on supplies to be used in their classrooms to support their student's learning? is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to
help students in need. grew out of a Bronx high school where teachers experienced first-hand the scarcity of learning materials in our public schools.

Charles Best, then a social studies teacher, sensed that many people would like to help distressed public schools, but were frustrated by a lack of influence over their donations. He created in 2000 so that individuals could connect directly with classrooms in need.

  • Our mission is to improve public education by empowering every teacher to be a change-maker and enabling any citizen to be a philanthropist.
  • Our vision is a nation where students in every community have the resources they need to learn

At, you can give as little as $1 and get the same level of choice, transparency, and feedback that is traditionally reserved for someone who gives millions. Check it out and make a teacher's dream for her students a reality!

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