Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Timely Issues-Look Kids, Big Ben!

Did you know...the end of the minute hand on London's Big Ben travels about 118 miles (190km) in a year?

Photo Courtesy of hboasia.com

Monday, September 20, 2010

Timely Issues-Can you wait a second, please?

Did you know there are 31,556,926 seconds in a year?

That's a lot of time to spend waiting around!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Art of Your Question...who, what, when, where, why, how..?

"In mathematics, the art of asking questions is more valuable than solving problems." -Georg Cantor

Remember when your children first learned the word "why"? Remember how they would ask questions like:

"Why is the sky blue?"

"Why does my finger bend?"

"Why do i have to go to bed now?"

These are make-you-think questions! Trying to answer these questions can lead to interesting conversations, but can also be frustrating and lead to "Because I said so", or "Because it just is" answers.

Questions are powerful and can evoke a myriad of emotions, a plethora of information and a deeper understanding when posed to the right way.

Parents and teachers-we invite you to start asking "Why?"

Good, make-them-think questions can be used effectively by parents to reinforce the understanding of concepts learned in school, but provoking learning not to ascertain what has already been learned.

Ask your child to:

explain the reasoning behind the solution of a problem,
explain the strategy used to solve a problem,
justify answers and/or choices,
explain what the answer means in a particular context,
predict what will happen next,
recognize and understand questions stated in a novel form, or
state a question or invent a problem for which the answer is given.

Asking questions that lead students to understand must start with their current understanding and provoke them to think forward. These are valuable instructional tools that textbooks are not designed to provide. You can ask questions while you are in the car, cooking dinner, walking to the park, and while helping with homework.

Ask away and watch your children become mathematical thinkers!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today's Date...9 02 10...nine-oh-two-one-oh!

What do you think of when you hear nine oh two one oh?  I know what I think of ...my dear old pals..Donna, Dylan, Brenda, Brandon, David, Andrea, Kelly, and of course Steve Sanders.  The original charaters in Beverly Hills 90210! 

Was 90210 just a zip code, a dreamy lifestyle, a place where the Peach Pit/After Dark rocked and Donna Martin barely made it to graduation day...??  Nope, it's also today's date!! 

Just goes to show you that numbers can mean a lot of different things. These guys and gals probably loved math too, like Steve Sanders; the license plate of his Corvette: I8A4RE!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mary J Blige's got a REAL LOVE for Math!

She's a nine-time Grammy award winning artist, an actress and all-around super star but Mary J. Blige is taking on a new cause–Educating young girls and getting them interested in science, engineering and math!

The R&B star has paired up with NASA and is showing young girls that not even the sky is the limits. She hopes to encourage young women to pursue exciting experiences and career choices through studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics. NASA's Summer of Innovation project and Blige's Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now have a lot in common. Both show students the many possibilities available if they follow their dreams and reach for the stars

What is the Summer of Innovation?   NASA's Summer of Innovation project is a multi-faceted, intensive middle school science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, project with a pilot conducted during the summer 2010. Summer of Innovation is designed to improve STEM teaching and learning in partnership with federal agencies, academic and informal organizations, nonprofits, and industry.

Mary J Blige"s Public Service Announcement