Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello World!

We love Math!  How uncool is that? 

The population of math lovers is plummeting and our mission is to grow it! 

As adults, we think we have forgotten the math we learned long ago in school. We think we use computers and calculators so we "don't use math anymore" and therefore cannot help our kids learn math.  This is simply untrue.  

This blog intends to inspire you to help our students become the creative, problem solving, critical thinkers they need to be in today's world.  We intend to inspire you with thoughts and ideas about mathematics, learning, education and the world we live in.

A year ago we began selling MathShapes: Go Figure! , our smart and unique, at-home math enrichment program. Go Figure! gives parents everything they need to help their children at home with the math they are learning in school. Each grade level kit provides a year’s worth of material empowering parents and children to see, think, visualize and touch math in their everyday lives! This multi-faceted approach to learning provides an understanding of math concepts far beyond traditional computation exercises. When students are given the opportunity to “think mathematically” a whole new world opens, and success in math is inevitable!

The program was developed by Ellen Mulligan and Tracey Knerr, passionate and professional educators in the field of mathematics. Every day we balance our checkbooks, cook, buy fuel efficient cars, and use a myriad of technologies that require us to “think mathematically.” Our children will need to be able to do the same. We have witnessed the transformational effects of engaged and empowered parents in the process of learning math. Parents who use Go Figure! share that the program eliminated the need for math tutoring, easily translated their children’s curriculum into the concepts they remembered learning in school and resulted in better math grades.

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